Welcome to Hari's Home Page!

Hello! My name is Hari and I am a cairn terrier.

Cairns are the cutest, most loyal, bravest, most handsome (yes! I can be both cute & handsome), most loving, and the cutest of all terrier breeds. According to my parents, Shane & Erina, Cairns are also the stinkiest, but I think I smell good most of the time. The only time I really smell weird is right after a bath.

The most famous Cairn terrier is probably Toto from The Wizard of Oz. My parents say I am not as smart as Toto. I am not really sure what “smart” means; perhaps it is another word for “short-legged”? I am a little taller, heavier, lighter in color, and much, much cuddlier than Toto.  Except for the fact that I am not white, I actually resemble a West Highland white terrier (westie) more than a traditional cairn terrier.  But maybe that is just because I am an American.  Americans are generally larger than Europeans.

I was born in Maryland on 13 May 1994. I lived in Virginia for most of my life. I occasionally visit my grandparents. As with any visit to grandparents there are good points and bad points. The good – they have a big backyard where I can run around without a leash (Freedom!) and they feed me better snacks than my parents. The bad – I always get a bath there and Brandy, the princess, lives there. She doesn’t like me very much and for some unknown reason humans think she is very cute. Her food tastes good. She gets upset when I eat out of her bowl, so I have to be sneaky about it.

Now, I live in Amsterdam!   I live in an apartment with a large variety of beds, couches, chairs, and floor pillows for me to test out everyday.  Most exciting in the great park across the street from home!

created 28 January 2000, updated 05 February 2001
by Erina Moriarty (historian@time-travellers.org)