Recorded in the Archives are changes to the Historian's web pages. 

 What's new? 

20 February 2001: Article links added to "Library" page. logo added to "Library" and "Historian's Home"
03 February 2001: Created new page for Vondelpark photos.
02 February 2001: Added new publications to Historian's Library page.
21 January 2001: Backgrounds and navigation of all pages changed.  Content of Historian's home and Library changed.
02 December 2000:  Formatting and navigation of all Historian's pages changed again. 
01 December 2000:  Archives page added. 
01 December 2000:  Background for all of Historian's pages and navigation changed. 

Historian's Home
Living in Amsterdam
Mad Scientist's Lab
Dog's House
Time-Travellers' Home

Created on 21 October  2000
Updated on 02 February 2001